Case Study


6.6kw Solar System Installation in Cromer, NSW

6.6 kW installed in Cromer NSW 2099

17 x 390w Hyundai Solar Panels

1 x Sungrow 5 kW inverter

solar power installation marsden park

10.4kw Solar Power Installation Marsden Park, NSW

10.4 kW installed in Marsden Park, NSW 2765

26 x 400W Trina Vertex Panels

1 x Fronius SYMO 10 kW European made Inverter

the best clovelly

10.53kw Solar System Installation in Clovelly, NSW

10.53 kW System

27 x 390w Qcells G9+ Panels

1 x Sungrow 8 kW inverter

solar system installation harris park

24.3kw Commercial Solar System Installation at Not Just Curries, Harris Park, NSW


54 x 450W Longi panels

1x Fronius Symo 20kw Inverter

solar system installation glenmore park

87.36kw Commercial Solar System Installation in Glenmore Park High School

87.36 kW installed in Glenmore Park High School

192 x 455W Longi panels

3 x Fronius ECO 27 kW Inverters

Roof Panels

66.43kw Commercial Solar System installed in Evaton Trophies at Mt Kuring Gai NSW

66.43 KW

146 x 455W Longi Panels

1x Sungrow 50 kW Inverter

Roof Panels

99.5 kW Solar System Instaleld At Copper Tree Farms Frenchs Forest

99.5 kW Solar and 280 kWh battery

199 x 500W Risen Panels

2 x Sungrow 50 kW Commercial Inverters1

1 x EVO Power NEO 280 kWh Battery