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Solar panels are those devices which are used to absorb the sun’s rays and convert them into electricity or heat.
A solar panel is actually a collection of solar (or photovoltaic) cells, which can be used to generate electricity through photovoltaic effect. These cells are arranged in a grid-like pattern on the surface of solar panels.
When it comes to wear-and-tear, these panels are very hardy. Solar panels wear out extremely slow. In a year, their effectiveness decreases only about one to two per cent (at times, even lesser).
Installation of solar panels in homes helps in combating the harmful emissions of greenhouse gases and thus helps reduce global warming. Solar panels do not lead to any form of pollution and are clean. They also decrease our reliance on fossil fuels (which are limited) and traditional power sources. Solar Galaxy offer solar panel installation for residential and commercial properties. Request a quote today for more information.

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Solar Galaxy Offers A Wide Range Of Residential Systems

Solar Galaxy is offering a variety of residential solar systems with a 4-8 weeks installation time. Robust, quick and long lasting, run your home electricity more efficiently and save up on bills with the latest generation of solar power.

6.64KW Solar System

While there are larger systems available, they require more panels and a larger initial investment. A 6.64KW solar system is the perfect stepping stone as it can help reduce your power bill while staying on budget. It’s affordable, able to provide you great returns for your investment. It’s best to evaluate your current energy use and current location that will affect the value given by a solar system panel. Solar Galaxy can inspect your home and advise you on your options. Fitted with 18 to 24 panels and a 5kW inverter, you can get major returns with as little as $2499.

7.7kW Solar System

Galaxy uses high-efficiency Mono Crystalline panels for your panel solar system. With 21 x 370W panels and 1 x 6kW inverter, invest in as little aSolar s $2599 to get the best results and maximum returns possible. As the price of solar decreases, and panels become more efficient, you can get more for your money’s worth than ever.

9.9kW Solar System

Equipped with a flexible roof mounting solution, a 9.9kW Solar System is built with 27 x 370W panels and a 1 x 8kW inverter. High-efficiency, lightweight and easy to install, they’re available in tin, tile and clip lock. For a modern home solution, their inverter has WiFi monitoring capability so you’ll be able to stay fully informed of your power usage.

13.32kW Solar System

A 13.32kW solar system ensures you get the best results and maximum returns for your solar power. With 36 x 370W panels and a 1 x 10kW inverter with WiFi monitoring capability, get 25 years of performance warranty on your solar panels. Fully anodized and corrosion-resistant, you won’t have to worry about the durability of your mounted solar panels. Get a free quote on your 13.32kW system and focus on your future returns today.

15kW Solar System

With 42 x 370W Panels and 1 x 12.5 kW inverter, invest in as little as $5,899 for maximum returns on your solar power. Lightweight and easy to install, your 15kW system’s panel mounting kit is available in tin, tile and clip lock.

19.24kW Solar System

Returns from the electricity you consume is much higher than when you sell your solar back to the grid. When you know your property needs reliable electricity, invest in a 19.24kW solar system. With 52 x 370W panels and a 15kW inverter, and only as little as $9,999 in initial investment, you can enjoy maximum returns for your solar power.

20kW Solar System

Invest in the future of electricity with a 20kW solar system. With only $10,999, you’ll have a solar system consisting of 56 x 370W panels and a 1 x 20kW inverter with WiFi monitoring. This leads to incredible returns on your solar power and your system will practically pay for itself while you enjoy a sustainable, cost-effective source of energy.

Solar Galaxy’s Selection Of Commercial Systems

At Solar Galaxy, we also have the following range of commercial systems for your business. Perfectly capable of powering your building while helping you minimise operational expenses, gain long-term cost savings by smartly investing in solar power today.

For robust commercial-grade solar systems on your property, get a free quote for your panels and inverter with Solar Galaxy today. Our experts can help install the most cost-effective solar system tailored to the needs of your building. Maximise your returns in the long run by investing in solar today.

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