Solar System Packages – Panels & Inverters

Solar Galaxy offers 3 system packages for commercial and residential properties as well as a plethora of panels only or inverters only options. If you’d like clean renewable energy and lasting returns, get your quote now for any of the following choices below.

What are Off Grid Solar Systems?

value package

Value Package

A bestseller among our clients, our value package is a combination of Jinko/Longi/Trina Panels and Solis/Growatt/Goodwe inverters. If you are a household that consumes a budget within $1000 on a quarterly basis or one that is made up of 3-5 persons, this flexible package allows for effective savings and costs reductions as well as a 10 years of workmanship warranty for your roof installation. With CEC accredited installers optimising your solar system mount design, enjoy a 25 year performance warranty on your Tier 1 panels and 10 years on your WiFi monitoring inverter. Take charge of your returns today.

super package

Superior Package

Our superior package includes Hyundai/Qcells Panels and Sungrow/Huawei/Fimer inverters. It’s perfect for medium to large capacity households and residential homes as well as commercial businesses with smaller to medium energy needs. Solar Galaxy will optimally install your solar system on your available roof space to maximise your sunlight hours and solar returns. Furthermore, you can choose to invest in an Alpha ESS or Tesla solar battery to gain additional savings on your power for future use.


Premium Package

Our premium package consists of LG/REC/Sunpower panels and Fronius/SMA inverters and is well-suited for commercial spaces and public sectors. They can easily accommodate higher-end energy users in businesses that operate long hours during daylight. This includes industrial environments, schools, shopping districts, farmhouses, hotels, restaurants and more. Invest in solar today to improve your cash flow, save from expensive electricity tariff rises and minimises overhead costs. Enjoy lasting returns spanning decades for your business.

Panels Only

We offer solar panels separately should you require replacements, upgrades or upsizing for your solar system. Our 370W panels are lightweight and robust, corrosion-resistant in their mount design. We can optimally design the most cost-effective and perfectly sized system for your personal electrical use and professionally install it on your roof space. From orientation, tilt, angle, and more, we’ll provide you the technical support you need to take control of your solar power returns. We offer a wide range of brands for our solar panels, including but not limited to:

Inverters Only

Solar Galaxy also offers inverters as an exclusive deal if you need to upgrade or replace your pre-existing components. We’ve got a complete range of high-efficiency inverters for solar systems of various sizes meant for the home or commercial spaces. This includes Sofar, Solax, Growatt, Solis, Goodwe, Sungrow, Huwaei, Fimer, Solar Edge, Enphase, SMA and Fronius. For DC Optimisers, we have Huawei, Solar Edge and Tigo. And lastly for microinverters, Solar Galaxy offers Enphase.

For larger residential system units and commercial or industrial grade systems, we can use all inverters for all size systems, with Goodwe or Sungrow being among the most dependable for commercial systems.

fronius inverter


Furthermore, we also offer solar panel batteries to store additional unused solar power for later use, be it nighttime or on days with little light and excess shade. Increase your financial returns and grid independence with our following range of solar batteries:

Alpha ESS VPP ready 10.3 kWh from $9,990
Alpha ESS 1.3 kWh from $10,990
Tesla 14.4 kWh from $14,990

To find out more about our products or seek advice for your solar performance to make the best investment for your system, contact experts from Solar Galaxy today. We will gladly assist you from quote acceptance to finalising your installation to regular performance checks and maintenance work. Ensuring maximum returns and longevity for your solar system and components, rely on Solar Galaxy for ongoing service on your solar products.