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The concept of home battery storage for solar energy isn’t anything new. Off-grid solar photovoltaic (PV) and wind electricity generation on remote properties have long used battery storage to capture unused electricity for later use. Now, this technology is more available than ever, with new batteries for residential and commercial use being created every year. It’s very possible that within the next five to 10 years, most homes with solar panels will also have a solar panel battery system. If you’re considering getting a battery for your home or business, whether you’re looking to move off-grid or maximise your power savings, Solar Galaxy can get you set up. Discuss your needs with our solar experts in Melbourne, Brisbane & Sydney today for a quote.

Why Choose Solar Galaxy?

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What is a Solar Panel Battery?

A solar panel battery captures any unused solar power generated during the day for use later use at night and on low-sunlight days. Installations that include batteries are becoming increasingly popular, as they come with a variety of benefits, such as increased efficiency, improvements for off-grid systems, being able to use solar power at night and more. While batteries aren’t essential, they’re an investment that can add a lot of value to your solar power system.

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Why you Should Get a Solar Battery

If your solar panel array and battery are large enough, you can run your home primarily on solar power. Using electricity from your battery can be cheaper per kilowatt-hour than using electricity from the grid, depending on the time of day and electricity tariffs in your area. Using a battery can maximise the effectiveness of your system and help you save even more on your electricity bills. There’s also a real attraction to being as independent as possible from the grid; for most people, it’s not just an economic decision, but also an environmental one. For others, it’s an effort to be independent of energy companies.

How Do Solar Batteries Work?

Solar batteries connect right into your solar inverter, storing excess unused power generated throughout the day. This energy is then used when your solar panels can’t produce enough electricity to meet your energy use, usually on dark days or at night. There are a wide variety of batteries out there, each with different pros and cons. If you’re thinking about installing a battery, getting expert advice can save you from running into problems in the future.

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What’s the Best Solar Panel Battery?

With such a wide range of batteries available to choose from, it can be difficult to find the one that best meets your needs. If you’re planning on installing a battery with a new system it’s fairly easy to find a compatible battery. On the other hand, if you’re planning on adding a battery to your solar power system you need to make sure the battery you’re getting is right for the system you have installed.

Solar Galaxy work with a wide range of solar batteries from different brands. We can provide you with information so you can make a decision, or choose the right battery for your needs based on your solar system.

Solar panel batteries we work with include:

alpha ess smile5

Alpha ESS Smile – VPP ready

These batteries are great for a range of hybrid and retrofit battery solution, for both on-grid and off-grid use. One of the pioneer manufacturer in the energy storage market, their products are well suited for commercial and
residential solar systems.

tesla powerwall

Tesla Powerwall 2 – VPP ready

One of the first creators of rechargeable lithium-ion based batteries, Tesla Powerwall solar batteries are used in installations globally. They use a rack mount system to provide easy access and control.

tesla powerwall


Sungrow is a leader in the research and development of solar inverters with the largest dedicated R&D team in the industry and a broad product portfolio offering PV inverter solutions and energy storage systems for utility-scale, commercial & industrial, and residential applications.

Sungrow Battery Datasheet

huawei luna battery

Huawei Luna – VPP ready

The Huawei LUNA energy storage system is here. The perfect option to couple with any Huawei inverter, the LUNA can be modified to suit your energy needs, however large they may be. Thanks to its modular design, rather than having to buy an additional battery if you want to expand your home’s energy storage reserves, all you need to do is add another battery block to your LUNA, saving you money and space.
senec home

SENEC.Home V3 hybrid

SENEC.Home V3 hybrid is an Award Winning German Solar Battery Technology. Three-phase measurement with external power meter (included in scope of delivery of the SENEC.Home V3). This is the max. amount of usable power at a time combining 5 kW max. AC power output and 3 kW max. DC charging power. Power reduction possible due to temperature and charge level.

View Technical Datasheet

senec home


Goodwe is relentless about offering users residential & small C&I storage solutions to protect users from rising electricity costs. We strive to create reliable solutions for users to maximize self-consumption, ensure power safety during an outage, take smart control of home power management, and realize energy independence.


How Your Business Will Benefit From Solar Panel Batteries

A battery stores the excess unused solar power generated during the day, for later use at night and on low-sunlight days. It increases grid energy independence and financial returns. Nevertheless, installations that include batteries are increasingly popular, making your savings more economically viable than ever with this highly functional addition.

Properties that have optimal sunlight hours with little to no shade will benefit greatly from this additional store of solar power. Solar Galaxy’s range of commercial solar systems for instance is geared towards high-end users of electricity and thus will find the integration of a solar panel battery highly advantageous. Here are some of the larger sized solar systems we provide:

Gain even more savings for your personal electrical consumption. You’ll never have to worry about cloudy days or heavy consumption during nighttime with a solar panel battery conserving your unused power for future use.

Discover VPP (Virtual Power Plant) Offer


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Guaranteed discounts applied to your usage charges.

VPP Smart Energy Income

Premium solar feed-in rate (30c/kWH Feed In Tariff*) plus
profit sharing on trades managed by the Discover Energy Trading Platform using your stored
solar energy. Get quicker ROI on solar and storage!

Free Battery Recharges**

When the electricity spot price is negative, we recharge your battery – at no cost to you!

24/7 Online Account Management

You can manage your account and check your usage
online 24/7 using My Account or your FREE DE Insight App.

No Exit Fee or Lock in Contract

Enjoy 12 Months of Benefit with no lock-in contracts!

eBilling and eCorrespondence only

Monthly Bill Frequency – No quarterly surprises

Real Income: VPP members can cash out their energy trading profits.

FREE Discover Energy app to monitor and manage your home’s solar energy (RRP $700).

* 30c solar feed-in for first 3.28kwh exported per day, 18c solar feed-in for next 3.28kwh exported per day, 9c for all remaining exports per day.
**Intermittent service, triggered during certain market conditions

Get Solar Panel Battery Installation Today

If you’re considering getting a solar battery for a new or existing solar panel system, Solar Galaxy can help you plan and install it. We offer complete solar installation services, with an in-house team of solar engineers available to design and implement a solar system that meets your energy usage needs. We’re fully CEC accredited and have years of experience behind us over thousands of installations. Discuss your needs with us today and get a competitive quote for solar battery installation.

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