Commercial Solar Panels

Commercial solar power is an excellent investment for any Australian business, offering reduced power bills, offset carbon emissions, and guaranteed return on investment. Solar Galaxy specialises in designing and installing commercial solar systems for properties with high power needs. By building robust and scalable solutions we can provide your business with a long term solar solution that will support your power needs as you grow. With 10 year warranties on all products and fast installation times, we can get you set up with solar power and generating electricity in between 4-8 weeks from your original quote acceptance. Discuss your needs with a solar expert today for a free quote.

High-Performance Commercial Solar Systems

We offer three main commercial solar system sizes, 39.6KW, 66.6KW, and 100KW. All our systems use Mono-Crystalline Perc commercial solar panels, the most efficient panels currently available on the market. Installed correctly they’re guaranteed to return your investment and provide you with a complete solar power solution. While a commercial solar system may not make up the entirety of your power use, depending on the conditions and the size of the system you choose they can make a significant difference overall. When you request a quote, our solar engineers will assess your power usage, the location and solar conditions of your property, and any other factors that could affect the efficiency of your system. Our solar engineers and CEC accredited installers will then get to work, planning your system and supplying and installing the panels and inverter. We aim to provide you with a system that can deliver excellent results for a minimum of 10 years, and scale easily in the future as you grow.

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Why Choose Solar Galaxy Commercial Solar Systems?

Solar Galaxy is one of Australia’s largest solar retailers. For more than a decade we’ve been providing Australian businesses with comprehensive, tailored solar panel systems. We’re passionate about solar and work towards a brighter, cleaner world where solar is readily available and widely used. We cater for businesses of all sizes, working closely with you to achieve your goals for solar power generation and carbon reduction goals.

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CEC Accredited Installers & Expert Engineers


Our installers are all CEC accredited and have years of experience behind them. We comply with all Australian solar standards and can install high quality, reliable systems that will deliver exceptional results for years to come.

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Best Price Guarantee


When you choose Solar Galaxy, you’re guaranteed to be getting the best possible price for your system. We can match and often beat competitors prices, allowing you to get a price for your solar panel system and solar panel battery that meets your needs and budget.

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Quote Acceptance to Installation in 4-8 Weeks or Less


After you’ve accepted a quote from us we get to work immediately, planning your system, installing, and setting everything up for easy monitoring and use. Our average time from quote to installation is less than 4-8 weeks, meaning you can get solar power sooner.

best commercial solar panels by solar galaxy brisbane

High-Efficiency Commercial Solar Panels

We exclusively use Mono Crystalline panels, the current leader in solar efficiency. These panels are cost-effective and efficient, allowing us to reduce the cost of our systems and pass both savings and greater power generation on to you.

Custom Fit Residential & Commercial Solar Power
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Our Commercial Solar Installation Process


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Pre-sale Engineering

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Engineered system Design

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Final Checks


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Get Started With Commercial Solar Systems Today

If you’re considering commercial solar power for your business, discuss your needs with one of our solar experts today. We can answer any questions you have about solar panels and get you set up with the correct system for your needs. We offer solar panels in Brisbane, on the Gold Coast, down through to Sydney and more Call us today for a comprehensive free quote for commercial solar power today.