35kW Solar System

Generate long-term returns for your business by investing in a 35kW solar system for your power. Get a comprehensive quote for your installation with Solar Galaxy. When it comes to commercial solar systems, Solar Galaxy has a wide range of solar panels and inverter packages meant to accomodate your needs. With ongoing expenses from electrical usage, we know you’re always challenged by rising costs from tariffs. It’s why there’s no better time to invest in renewable, clean energy for sustainable operations for your business. Our 35kW solar system is made up of 94 x 370W Panels and 1 x 27 kW Inverter with WiFi monitoring capability. Offering you reductions to electrical costs and generating savings long-term, you’ll be able to boost efficiency and focus on more useful expenditures with solar power backing your business.

35kW Solar System Benefits For Your Business

Depending on where you are in Australia, a 35kW solar system will produce a different amount of energy each day. 35kW solar systems are mostly suitable for SMEs with medium energy needs. This size of solar power system is classed as commercial or industrial. Consider your habitual electrical usage for your commercial property. Determining the amount of power you regularly need to run your business will reveal the suitability of a 35kW solar system. Should you be a customer in the commercial or industrial sector who uses between 120kWhs and 150Whs daily then a 35kW solar system would be a good choice to help reduce power bill costs.

Solar Galaxy offers a quick and easy way to find out your comprehensive quote for a 35kW solar system or 15kw, 9 9kw, 66 6kw, 39 6kw, and 50kw. We can complete your installation as well as offer further ongoing service throughout the lifespan of your solar system. This includes periodic cleaning, performance checks and inspections to maintain an excellent standard and your system’s longevity.

35kw solar system
35kw solar

Why Choose Solar Galaxy’s 35kW Commercial Solar System

Depending on where you are purchasing your panels and inverter, a 35kW solar system’s price may vary. The difference in costs may derive from multiple factors. This includes the variation of solar product prices from city to city, to taxes and more. It’s best to follow through with choosing a product in the medium to higher end of the market range to obtain better quality and durability. For example, for a price point in the upper end you’d be able to get tier 1 solar panels and German quality inverters. Always consider the quality and longevity of each individual component for your 35kW solar system. Solar Galaxy can advise you on the best solution for your solar power. We can customise your mount arrangement in lieu of your property’s available roof space. Remember, problem-solving and troubleshooting cheap products and components over several years can quickly add up expenses to the initial starting cost. So never cut costs on a lifetime investment like a solar system that is meant to give you lasting returns.

Get A Quote With Solar Galaxy Today

Solar Galaxy won’t simply leave you with your solar products. We are not only the lead suppliers for solar panels and inverters, but are expert installers fit for the job. Post-installation of your solar system, our team can provide system monitoring to track performance parameters.

Furthermore, we offer ongoing service and maintenance agreements to ensure the longevity of your commercial solar system. This way, you can have full control of the solar power production process. Rest assured, with our technical support you’ll be able to optimise self-consumption for the best results and ROI. If you’d like an accurate projection of your annual savings, a breakdown of your costs, warranties and system output data, choose Solar Galaxy. We provide efficient, transparent service for your solar system. Best of all, you won’t need to deal with the stress of permits and documentation as we can also help with the legislative aspects of your commercial solar system. Get a quote with Solar Galaxy today.