why are solar panel sustainable
Solar technology has been around for centuries. In fact, researchers discovered evidence indicating the Greek and Roman civilizations’ widespread use of solar power to heat homes, baths, and greenhouses. They appeared to do this when wood, then the primary energy source, became scarce.

However, it wasn’t until the 20th century that the solar energy industry started to take off, thanks to technological advancements that allowed them to become more efficient than ever before. Today, we don’t only see these panels on industrial rooftops or solar farms but also on more and more residential properties. They are deemed as the most renewable energy source to emerge in recent years.

But have you ever wondered why solar panels are always peddled as the most sustainable source of electrical energy? Do they really live up to the marketing hype? The short answer is a resounding yes, and this post will explain why.

Solar Panels Don’t Produce Greenhouse Gases

As you’re probably aware, solar panels are clean and safe. They don’t pollute the air or contribute to greenhouse gas emissions the way the combustion of fossil fuels does. Solar is by far one of the most environmentally friendly methods to generate electricity.

Carbon emissions, a.k.a. greenhouse gases are a big problem for our planet. They come from burning fossil fuels like oil, coal, and natural gas. When we burn these fuels, we release all the carbon stored in them into the air. Carbon dioxide is one of the most harmful greenhouse gases produced by human activity because it traps heat from escaping into space, causing global warming.

Solar technology doesn’t cause any carbon emissions when you use it to generate electricity. Instead of burning fossil fuels like oil and coal to create electrical energy, solar panels harness and convert sunlight to produce electricity directly for your home or business. This means that by using solar panels instead of more traditional forms of electricity generation, you can directly help reduce your contribution to global warming.

Solar Power Generation is Quiet

Unlike wind turbines and other alternative energy sources, solar panels don’t have any moving parts. This means they don’t produce noise or vibration that could disturb people living near them. This makes them ideal for locations where people live or work.

Solar Panels Only Need the Sun to Work

One of the most significant benefits of solar energy is that it only needs the sun’s energy to work. While traditional fossil fuel power plants require a lot of energy to run, solar panels collect all their needed energy from the sun, so they don’t require any kind of external resource. Also, unlike power plants that rely on fossil fuels (coal and natural gas), solar panels don’t use any water—a scarce resource in many locations around the world.

Solar is without a doubt a renewable energy source because the sun’s energy is all around us. There is solar energy when the sun shines. Other types of energy need certain geographical circumstances. The beautiful thing about solar is that if you have a panel, you can produce electricity practically anywhere on the planet.

Solar Panels Can Last Over 20 Years

The lifespan of solar panels is another attractive reason why many people are switching to them. Solar power systems can last over 20 years, which means they will probably outlast most of the equipment they’re powering! This is a massive plus because traditional power sources tend to be more expensive as time progresses.

While solar panels do have a steep cost of ownership, you won’t need to replace them for a couple of decades. They also require very little maintenance throughout their life span and as the technology continues to improve in future generations, they are bound to be more affordable. For these reasons, solar panels have become an excellent alternative energy source for households and commercial spaces across Australia.

Solar Panel Waste Is Highly Recyclable

The fact that solar panels can be recycled is another essential aspect of their sustainability. Photovoltaic solar panels are made mainly of silicon, which is a prevalent element on earth and can be found in many different forms. It’s also used in semiconductors and computer chips.

As such, recycling solar panel waste is a simple matter of extracting usable silicon from the rest of the materials. The silicon deemed unusable is even melted down for other purposes. The panel’s other components, such as glass, plastic, and aluminium, are also recyclable. Solar firms often sell these materials to entities that can repurpose them.

Granted, the recycling process for these materials is too complicated for the average homeowner, to say the least. In most cases, however, you won’t even be bothered with the disposal of your photovoltaic panels when the time comes. Solar companies typically promote end-of-life programs where they offer to take the worn-out solar panels off your hands.

Solar Power Generation Doesn’t Use Water

Water is an essential part of life, so we can all agree that using as little of it as possible is a good thing. Fossil fuels like coal and oil require a lot of water to get them out of the ground and processed. Nuclear power plants likewise use tons of water to cool their reactors. On the other hand, solar panels don’t require any water to operate.

The Future Is Solar Powered

There are an endless amount of reasons why solar panels are a great investment. And with local and national programs to supplement the cost of solar panels, there’s almost no reason not to make the jump.

Solar panels are sustainable for many reasons, including the fact that they don’t emit pollution or noise during operation. They don’t burn non-renewable energy sources like coal or natural gas, so they don’t contribute to the depletion of these fossil fuels. On top of that, solar panels can last over 20 years and are highly recyclable when it comes time to dispose of them.

You should definitely consider solar panels, especially if you want to protect the environment. They’re also an excellent investment for your home. While you might not be able to eliminate your home’s electricity bill completely, adding this green energy source will mean that you’ll pay less for electricity over time.

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