Suntech Solar Panels

You’ve heard of solar panels and all their fantastic benefits, like cutting your electric bill and reducing your carbon footprint. However, it’s worth noting that not all solar panels are created equally. Solar Galaxy uses Suntech solar panels because they are simply some of the best ones out there. Contact our representatives to learn how you can take advantage of Suntech’s excellent solar power technology.

Leading Installer of Suntech Solar Panels

Determining the greatest available solar panels out there is one thing, but having the right solar installer is another. With over ten years of industry experience and a team of CEC-certified specialists, Solar Galaxy is the leading installer of Suntech solar panels. We can get these panels up and running for your home or business in no time.
suntech solar panels

About Suntech

Suntech was founded in 2001 and is now one of the most prominent solar panel manufacturers in the world. They have been devoted to the R & D and the production of crystalline silicon solar cells and modules for 21 years now. The company has its sales areas spread over 100 countries and regions across the globe, and the cumulative historical shipments exceeded 3,000,000 KiloWatts worth of units. The company aspires to become the most trusted solar panel manufacturer company worldwide through continuous innovation and excellent management.
the best suntech solar panels

Why Choose Suntech Solar Panels?

Suntech is one of the world’s largest solar panel producers. The company was founded in 2001 and has since become a standard for excellence. They’re known for their high-quality, high-efficiency products that have been tested and proven to provide tremendous customer satisfaction.

Types of Suntech Solar Panels

There are three main tiers of Suntech panels: Ultra V Pro Series, Ultra V Series, and Ultra X Series. Each type has its unique qualities, but all of them provide impressive results when installed properly in your home or business.

Ultra V Pro Series

Suntech Ultra V Pro products use 182mm large silicon wafers with a cell efficiency of over 24.5%. Also, it has near zero light-induced degradation in performance which dramatically enhances its module power. Through the simultaneous introduction of double-sided modules, the power of this panel can be increased to more than 570 W. The Ultra V Pro is the best solution for a compact product with a high capacity per square metre rating.

Ultra V Series

The V Series modules weigh 27.5 kg, which is 11% lower than most. Suntech has an exceptionally optimised structure design and owns the exclusive patent. The bifacial module adopts 2.0 mm thickness glass on the front and back side, and the mechanical load capacity has significantly increased. The maximum structure stress of the module is 23% lower than the conventional structural design. With the V Series, you get a higher ROI for your investment.

Ultra X Series

This tier has by far the most impressive level of performance. With 210 mm silicon wafers, the efficiency is boosted by a good 21%. The light receiving area is also increased by 80.5% compared with 156mm cells, meaning more power is generated to your building. Equipped with Suntech’s non-destructive cutting technology, X Series reduces the current loss and the risk of hot spots.
bestest suntech solar panels

Our Solar Power Services

Solar Galaxy has solar installation services for all contexts. Our expert technicians will help you find the right solar power solution for your home or business. We will also give you an estimate on how much it will cost and how long it will take to get your system up and running.
suntech solar panels

Residential Solar Panels

We offer residential solar panel installation services for homes of all sizes. Our experienced team of professionals can help you choose between different types of panels for your home, install them properly and make sure they’re working efficiently.

suntech solar panels

Commercial Solar Solutions

At Solar Galaxy, we have the expertise to design, install and maintain your commercial solar power system. Our team can manage your entire project from start to finish, so you don’t have to worry about any aspect of your solar installation. Reduce your energy cost and boost your bottom line today!

suntech solar panels

Inverters & Batteries

We provide a complete range of inverter and battery services for residential and commercial customers. An inverter converts the DC power from the solar panel into AC power to be used by your building, while batteries are a convenient way to store excess electricity for future use.

Choose Solar Galaxy for Suntech Solar Panel Installation

Suntech solar panels are an excellent option for your home or business. However, you must choose the right company to do the installation job. That’s where Solar Galaxy comes in. We are a solar panel installation company with over ten years of experience in the industry. We have worked with hundreds of residential and commercial customers to turn their homes into energy-efficient homes that lower their utility bills and increase their savings.

10+ Years of Industry Experience

We have been installing solar panels for over ten years now, and we know what works best for each type of project. Our skilled engineers will be able to help you choose the most suitable model for your home or business based on your needs and budget.

4 Week Installation Guarantee on Residential Systems

You’ll be amazed at how quickly we can get started on your project! From design through installation, our team will ensure that everything goes smoothly so that you can enjoy your new system in four weeks or less.

10 Year Installation and Workmanship Warranty

We are highly confident in our workmanship and installation, so we offer a ten-year warranty on all parts of the job. This means that if something goes wrong with your system after Solar Galaxy has installed it, we will resolve the issue for free within this period of time.

Best Price Guaranteed

We guarantee you’ll get the best price on any Suntech solar panel installation we perform. You will find that we have a variety of different packages available for our customers. These packages are designed to meet all budget needs and preferences.

Custom Fit Residential & Commercial Solar Power
Solutions for your Home and Office

CEC Accredited Solar Installers and Engineers

Our team is comprised of industry experts and solar Installers/Engineers accredited with the Clean Energy Council (CEC). We’re compliant with all Australian solar standards and work to deliver the best possible results, regardless of your needs. Additionally, all panels and inverters we supply are approved by the CEC and use Mono Crystalline perc technology to maximise efficiency.
suntech solar panels
suntech solar panels

Choose Solar Galaxy for Your Solar System

There are many reasons to choose Solar Galaxy, from our great selection of products to our fantastic prices to our superb customer service. Our philosophy hinges on providing a quality product at an affordable price with quick and professional installation. To start your own renewable energy investment, get in touch with our representatives for a free quote or consultation today!