Solar Rebate Victoria

As Australians turn to solar for their power or any other small-scale renewable systems such as wind, hydro or any eligible hot water system, there has been increasing incentive for households and businesses to turn to renewable power with Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs). By installing an eligible system, users can generate STC value that can be redeemed by selling or assigning. This amount varies based on the amount of renewable electricity the system produces or the amount of electricity consumption it reduces and the climate region where it’s installed. Change to solar power today and enjoy STC solar rebate Victorian households and families rely on to reduce their purchase costs. Call now for a quote.

How To Claim Your Solar System’s Federal STC Rebates

The Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) is a Federal issued financial incentive for solar users to help lower your purchase cost. This scheme is distributed in the form of Small- scale Technology Certificates, commonly referred to as STCs. Each STC carries a monetary value that more or less fluctuates between $34 – $40. There are two ways for owners to receive their STCs benefits:

  1. First, by assigning them to an agent, generally this means the system installer in exchange for a discount or a delayed cash payment.
  2. Selling the STC themselves. This can be done in two ways;
    • Through the open STCs market with pricing subject to market change.
    • Through the STCs Clearing House with a fixed price per STC, excluding GST.
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Check Your Eligibility For The Federal STC Rebates

If you meet the following listed criteria, you’ll be eligible to claim STC rebates.

You must be an owner and resident of the property.
Your total household income must not exceed $180,000.
Your existing property value must not exceed $3 million.
You have not been a recipient of a solar PV rebate as an owner-occupier.
You do not already own an existing solar PV system (replaced systems installed prior to November 2009 are eligible).

How Much You Can Get For Your Federal Solar Rebate

Under the small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, eligible small-scale renewable energy systems are entitled to a number of STCs. The number of certificates that can be earned per system is based on its geographical location, installation date and the amount of electricity in megawatt hours (MWh). This can either be generated by a small-scale solar panel, wind or hydro system over a single or five year period or the single maximum deeming period, or displaced by a solar water heater or heat pump over the course of its lifetime of up to 10 years. As a guide, one certificate is equal to one megawatt hour of eligible renewable electricity either generated or displaced by the system by 2030. You can calculate the number of certificates a system may be eligible for using the small generation unit STC calculator and solar water heater STC calculator.

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Earn Your Solar Panel Rebates With Solar Galaxy

At Solar Galaxy, our customers sign a contract where the eligible STC for your system is assigned to us upon your installation. This significantly reduces your purchasing costs, as your STC is later deducted in your invoice as payment mode. Currently there are 78 STC’s (which value is worth approximately $2,999) for a 6.66 kW system installed in 2021. You will only be paying your portion and receive an upfront discount equal to the STC amount that was guaranteed in your quote.

Switching To Solar Made Easy With Federal STC Solar Rebate

Residents of Victoria can take advantage of the federal solar rebate. If you’ve always wanted to make the switch to solar energy but found the upfront cost of investment too intimidating, this initiative is the perfect solution to help people transition to renewable solar energy. Helping you save money on power bills and take control of your energy consumption, eligible customers can now significantly reduce their upfront costs of powering their home with solar. Switch to solar with Solar Galaxy today.