Solar Rebate Queensland

Known as the Sunshine State, there’s no better place than Queensland to make the switch to renewable energy for your power. Are you a Queensland homeowner looking to change to solar? With an average of over 7 hours of sunlight a day and a total of 2792 hours of sunlight per year, it comes as little surprise that Queensland homeowners have taken to adopting solar energy on a wide scale. With over a third of all residential roofing boasting solar power, the number of solar users is only expected to rise sharply in the upcoming years due to major benefits. While the daylight hours of Queensland remain a major incentive towards switching to solar, homeowners also have access to incredible solar rebates that makes this transition easier and more affordable. Looking to invest in a new system? Get started with Solar Galaxy for the perfect solar kit that meets your electrical needs.

Queensland Solar Rebates And Incentives With STC’s

Over half a million (or 1 in 3 Queensland homes) have a solar system installed, making it the largest solar generating state in Australia. This is made possible with the small-scale technology certificates involved. They are federal-issued financial schemes that help reduce the cost of solar and make it easier to get a return on your investment. Generally, each will vary between $35 to $40 per certificate. Each STC works as tradable certificates that assign the rights to an asset or product and can be purchased, sold or traded. This way, you’ll be able to receive rebates for solar technology installed on your home, save money to dock your initial purchasing costs and incentivise new users to invest in solar.

solar rebate queensland
solar rebate queensland by solar galaxy

How Much Can You Save With Your Queensland Solar Rebate

At Solar Galaxy, we can advise you on the benefits and costs of solar, and how you can find the system best suited for you. When you purchase and install a solar system with us, through your STC rebates you’ll be able to gain a hefty discount to offset your system’s original price. 

With the high rating for each kWh, however, solar is considerably cheaper in Queensland than in most other states and territories. The federal STC’s available makes for an attractive incentive to create significant reductions on the cost of solar for homeowners.

Install Your System With Solar Galaxy To Enjoy Your Rebates

It’s important to remember that you are only eligible for this incentive when your solar system is installed by a Clean Energy Council (CEC) Accredited Installer such as Solar Galaxy. We can supply you with a system that consists of monocrystalline solar panels and inverters approved by the CEC to confidently meet Australian and New Zealand standards. The federal STC scheme solar rebate you can earn will then depend on the current price of STC’s, the number of STC’s per kW based on the zone you live in and the size of your system. We can oversee this entire process as a qualified solar installer. When you receive a quote for your solar system from us, we will factor in and calculate the rebate you can get back from the Federal government on your behalf and effectively reduce the cost of your solar system by around one-third. Want to enjoy significant discounts for your Hyundai solar system? Contact Solar Galaxy, we can install a system that suits your home’s needs and budget.