Solar Rebate NSW

Need more information to understand your solar benefits? We’re here to help. Your NSW solar rebate in 2021 is looking up. As part of the Net Zero Plan Stage 1, the New South Wales (NSW) government has more than ever prioritised solar for households to reach net-zero emissions by 2050 by offering considerable financial incentives. Make the switch to solar and enjoy incredible advantages for your home. When you purchase your solar panel, you’ll be eligible to receive the Federal government solar rebate to cut the costs of your solar system by up to 60%. If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint while maximising financial returns, the NSW solar rebate 2022-2023 is an incredible solution to take control of your solar power consumption. Enquire now to install your solar system and claim your benefits.

Install With Solar Galaxy To Claim Your NSW Solar Rebate

Install your solar system with Solar Galaxy to claim your NSW solar rebate. You need a CEC accredited installer to install your CEC approved solar panels and solar batteries to be eligible for the rebate. Solar Galaxy can deduct your costs upfront, we significantly dock your purchase price, lowering your expenses with the total value of STCs that your system will create. This adjustment is done based on the value of STC at your time of purchase. In practice, this can reduce up to $2,999 upfront on a 6.66 kW system from your initial investment.

solar rebate nsw
solar rebate nsw by solar galaxy

How Does Your NSW Solar Rebate Work

The NSW government has created a solar rebate financial incentive which consists of Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STC’s). These are generated when a renewable energy system is installed and relies on the total number of energy produced over your unit’s lifetime. On principle, however, typically one STC is created for each megawatt hour of production capacity in your given solar system. With this in mind, the larger the system you purchase, the larger your rebate will be. Another important factor should also be considered for your power generation, your location. By default panels with greater exposure to sunlight and longer daylight hours will produce more energy than those in wintry or shaded environments with longer nights.

Why Should You Invest In Solar For Your NSW Home

Solar panels convert captured sunlight into electricity which in turn greatly reduces the amount of electricity you need directly from your power grids as well as your household’s overall energy expenditure. With the amount of sunny days and long hours of daily sunshine in NSW, it is especially beneficial to make the switch to solar. As electricity prices continue to rise, the NSW government solar panel rebates remain an attractive option to lower your billing costs and gain maximum returns on your power. Furthermore, it works as a long-lasting solution for your renewable energy source, increases your property’s long-term value and offers government incentives. With its easy installation, low maintenance cost and guaranteed return on investment, it is a highly strategic and functional addition to the home. Not only will your bank account thank you, but so will the planet as you’ll be doing your part for the environment. Turn to solar and live sustainably today while making significant reductions to your expenses with Solar Galaxy. Enquire now to get started and install a solar system that meets your exact needs.