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Get new solar panels installed fast with Solar Galaxy, your leaders in solar panels in Newcastle. For more than 10 years Solar Galaxy has delivered tailored solar power systems for homes and businesses throughout Newcastle and helped move people into the future of electricity. We’re passionate about driving the industry forward, constantly innovating with solar panel system design and installation. If you need a custom system to meet your energy needs, or even just a simple system to supplement your power bill, talk to an expert at Solar Galaxy today for a free quote. 

The most popular areas we service in Australia: are Sunshine Coast, BendigoGold Coast, PenrithCoffs Harbour, Rockhampton, Port Macquarie, Geelong, and Shepparton.

Why Get Solar in Newcastle?

Solar energy is one of the best investments you can make for your property. With solar panels more efficient than ever you can get an incredibly effective system for an affordable price and make full use of the system’s benefits. With a custom system tailored to your property and your energy usage, you can save hundreds or even thousands on your power bills throughout the year. Even though Newcastle may not get as much sunlight as some of the northern parts of Australia, it still gets enough to make getting solar panels worth it. If you’re considering getting solar panels in Newcastle, our team can discuss your needs with you and design a system that meets them perfectly. Our in-house solar engineers are always happy to help and provide information on solar panels, inverters and solar Newcastle.

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The Number One Name in Solar Panels

With more than a decade of experience and a professional team of in-house solar engineers we can take care of all your solar panel needs. We design our systems to match your needs, ensuring you can get the power you need from your solar panels or reach your goals for power savings or carbon reduction. With CEC accredited installers we can guarantee a robust and future-focused solution that will deliver returns for years and years to come. From the start, we aimed to make solar power as accessible as possible. It’s why we keep our prices low and make the process as simple as possible, ensuring you can get the solar panels you need with no issues.

Once you call we take care of the entire process, assessing your needs, designing a system and arranging installation. Once installed, we can then help you get set up and understand how to make the most of your new system. If you have any questions about solar power systems, solar panels in Newcastle or anything else solar-related, our team is available and happy to help.


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4 Weeks from Quote Acceptance to Installation on Residential Systems

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Commercial and Residential Solar Panels Newcastle

We offer a wide range of solar panels and systems for both commercial and residential properties. Request a free quote and our team will assess your needs and provide you with a comprehensive free quote for a solar system. This way you can see exactly what your system will do for you and how much it will cost you upfront before you commit to anything. With solar power technology improving as fast as it is, having a flexible and custom system is important. With a Solar Galaxy system, you’re able to add solar panels and upgrade your inverter for greater power generation as you need it or as your business grows. We guarantee times of less than 4 weeks from quote acceptance to installation on residential solar systems, and 4-8 weeks.

Get Started with Solar in Newcastle Today

Wherever you are in Newscastle, our team can assess your needs and provide you with a solar system that will deliver incredible results. Discuss your needs with a solar expert today and get a free, no-obligation quote for your new solar panels in Newcastle. We also offer solar installation in Sydney.

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