Solar Panels Brisbane

If you’re considering going solar with your home or business in Brisbane, Solar Galaxy can provide you with complete solar system design and installation. With an experienced team of in-house engineers and CEC accredited solar installers, we can provide you with an effective and future-focused solar solution. Discuss your needs with our team today and get a comprehensive free quote for solar panels in Brisbane.

Why Solar Panels in Brisbane?

Being in Australia’s north, Brisbane is in the perfect position to take full advantage of solar panels. Brisbane home sees sunlight for the majority of the day, giving solar panels hours and hours to generate electricity. Solar panels are becoming more and more efficient every year, as technology improves and processes get better. In fact, a professionally installed solar system tailored to your energy requirements and your location can generate enough electricity to save you thousands in energy bills each year. Talk to an experienced solar engineer today about getting a solar power system for your home or business.

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Choose Solar Galaxy for All Your Solar Installation Brisbane Needs

With years of experience behind us and a team of experienced in house solar engineers, Solar Galaxy can provide you with a tailored solar power system that will deliver incredible results for years to come. Discuss your needs with our team today and we’ll guide you through your options and provide you with a competitive free estimate quote for your system. Then our solar engineers will plan your installation according to your needs and have your installation carried out by our team of CEC accredited solar engineers. We’re passionate about bringing solar energy to as many people as possible, doing our part to create a brighter, more environmentally friendly future. It’s why we focus on keeping our prices competitive and our installation times short. We can install residential systems in less than 4 weeks from your quote acceptance, set up and ready for you to start generating solar power as fast as possible.


CEC Accredited Installers


High-Efficiency Mono Crystalline Panels


4 Week Installation Guarantee on Residential Systems


Best Price Guarantee


10 Year Installation and Workmanship Warranty


10+ Years of Industry Experience

Residential and Commercial Solar Power Systems Brisbane

We offer complete installations for residential and commercial solar power systems. Our team will assess your needs, power usage, and any other factors to provide you with the most efficient and cost-effective solar installation possible. We aim to create future-proof solar solutions, giving you the ability to increase your solar generation as your business grows. Talk to our team today for more information on residential and commercial solar power systems in Brisbane.

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