Perth Solar Panels

Solar Galaxy provides Smart Energy Solutions for Businesses and Homes. By popularising renewable energy, we continue to propel the solar industry forwards. Our purpose is to promote renewable energy development across the globe for the benefit of all mankind. Our Company is the leading supplier of Perth solar panels.

Avoid Rising Energy Costs with a Perth Solar System

We will install solar panels to create an intelligent solar power system for your home and business to meet your energy goals and avoid rising energy costs. Our Company is committed to being a driving force within the solar power industry, creating innovative and future-focused solutions that exhibit the actual value of Perth solar power systems.
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Our Solar Power Services

Whether you need a small residential solar array or a comprehensive commercial solar solution, we can build a solar system to meet your specific needs and keep your electricity bills down. We adhere to all Australian solar standards and strive to offer the finest outcomes possible by using cutting-edge technology to maximise efficiency.
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Residential Solar Power System

If you’re thinking about installing solar power for your home, the team at Solar Galaxy can provide you with complete residential solar panel installation services. We will assess your needs, power usage, budget and more to provide you with a solar panel installation in Perth that will generate the best possible results.

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Commercial Solar Systems

Commercial solar power is an excellent investment for any Australian business, offering reduced power bills, offset carbon emissions and guaranteed return on investment. Solar Galaxy specialises in designing and installing a commercial solar PV system for properties with high power needs.

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Inverters & Batteries

We’re a new sort of energy retailer, created just for households with solar panels and battery storage – assisting you in maximising your system’s savings! We compensate you for the solar energy you do not use at home, allowing you to live more sustainably and save more money. Our clever technology connects to your inverter and battery, enabling us to make the most out of the energy you don’t use, giving you access to powerful insights and complete real-time solar and battery system monitoring.

Why Choose Solar Galaxy?

We’ve devoted ourselves at Solar Galaxy to making it as simple as possible for you to purchase solar panels for your home or Company. Call our team, and we’ll go through your requirements in order to present you with an exact price for a system. We analyse your energy data and determine if solar is possible in your scenario to guarantee that you can have an efficient solar installation for your house or Company. Then we handle everything needed to get you up and running, from system design to solar panel purchasing and installation.

10+ Years of Industry Experience

Solar Galaxy has 10+ Years of solid experience in the Australian Solar Industry & a rating of 97%+ positive customers. We believe in keeping our clients happy!

4 Week Installation Guarantee on Residential Systems

From the moment you approve your quote, we’ll get to work, preparing your system and installing your panels and inverter. We guarantee we’ll have your system installed in less than 4 weeks from your quote acceptance.

10-Year Installation and Workmanship Warranty

All our products come with a 10-year workmanship guarantee and installation warranty for your peace of mind. You’re completely covered if anything goes wrong with your panels or our work.

Best Price Guaranteed

We can guarantee we have the best price compared with leading residential solar panel installers in Perth. We can even price match for you if you find a lower price on a system we offer.

Custom Fit Residential & Commercial Solar Power
Solutions for your Home and Office

CEC Accredited Solar Installers and Engineers

Our team comprises industry experts and solar Installers/Engineers accredited by the Clean Energy Council (CEC). We’re compliant with all Australian solar standards and work to deliver the best possible results, regardless of your needs. Additionally, the CEC approved all panels and inverters we supply and use Mono Crystalline perc technology to maximise efficiency. Our installers carry full qualifications and accreditation from the CEC, allowing them to deliver the highest quality results. If you have any queries concerning solar power, please contact our staff so that we can give you the answers.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of solar panels?

Installation of solar panels and solar batteries in homes helps combat the harmful emissions of greenhouse gases and thus helps reduce global warming. A solar battery is clean and does not lead to any form of pollution.

They also decrease our reliance on fossil fuels (which are limited) and traditional power sources. Solar Galaxy offers solar panel installation for residential and commercial properties. Request a quote today for more information.

Is it worth getting solar panels in Perth?

Irrespective of electricity consumption, solar panels are worth buying in every Australian state. Going solar is beneficial if one has budgeted for a good quality solar system from reputable installers.

Can solar panels power my whole house?

Yes, solar can indeed power your entire home in Perth. With the sun delivering an awe-inspiring amount of energy to the earth almost hourly, it stands to reason that solar energy can power an entire house.

Are solar panels expensive in Perth?

Solar Galaxy provides a “Lowest Price Guarantee” to all our clients to demonstrate our dedication to providing the best pricing in Perth. Ask us today about this service for more information.

Choose Solar Galaxy for Your Solar System

Solar Galaxy is one of Australia’s leading commercial solar panel systems providers. We’ve helped thousands of businesses in Perth and Australia, delivering comprehensive solar energy solutions of all sizes. Our solar installers offer residential and commercial solar panels in Perth tailored to your needs. Discuss your requirements with us today and get a free solar quote for your new solar panel system.