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Hyundai solar panels are a high-quality monocrystalline solar panel brand that manufactures in South Korea. Hyundai solar panels for a residential solar power system are the RG Series, RI Series, and HG Series. Hyundai offers a shorter product warranty than most high-end solar panels, at 10 years.

Hyundai Solar Panels – Hyundai Panels

hyundai solar panels

Hyundai Energy Solutions produces and supplies world-class solar cells and modules through continuous investment in R&D and expansion in cutting-edge production facilities and cell technology, leading the solar industry by providing various solutions, such as floatovoltaics, and agrivoltaics, Smart Solar City, to the Australian market.

Why Choose Hyundai Energy Solutions

Hyundai Energy Solutions is an internationally recognised top company in Korea, the United States, Europe, etc. and is operating its business to become a global solar solution company.

Affordable Solar Panel Options

While Hyundai Energy Solutions offer a premium warranty, the Hyundai solar panels are excellent value for money and considerably cheaper than the high-end solar panel brands like LG and Sunpower.


Hyundai Warranty

Hyundai Energy Solutions has a 25-year product warranty on Hyundai solar panels, which is in line with some of the best solar panel manufacturers, including Sunpower, LG and REC, while most other solar panel manufacturers offer a 10 to 15-year product warranty.

Residential, commercial and utility-scale applications

Hyundai Energy Solutions produces a range of Hyundai solar panels for residential, commercial and utility-scale applications. Like most other solar panel manufacturers, Hyundai boosted efficiency across its range of Jinko solar panels and Hyundai solar panels by incorporating Mono PERC cells on all new generation panels. Hyundai Energy Solutions focused on the high-density shingled cell format to further increase performance, which covers more of the solar panel surface area and boosts efficiency and other advantages.

Shingled Cell Technology with your Hyundai Solar Panels

Shingled cell panels have been available for over five years and are a proven reliable cell format adopted by many well-known companies, including one of the world’s leading solar panel manufacturers Sunpower. Shingled cell panels use the same monocrystalline silicon wafers used in most common solar cells but are divided and arranged in a unique overlapping format.

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Solar cells with increased shade tolerance

Another benefit of using the shingled cell technology, where the strings of solar cells electrically connected by electrically conductive adhesive are assembled horizontally across the solar panel, is the improved shade tolerance. Since each string of cells is essentially independent, if one or more strings are shaded, it does not reduce the current of the other strings.

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Shingled solar panels with reduced hot spot risks

The hotspot effect occurs when a solar panel is shaded, and the current cannot flow around weak cells. Eventually, the current will concentrate on a few solar cells, causing them to overheat and potentially melt. While a shingled cell is already known to be less susceptible to hotspots thanks to better heat dissipation through the touching solar cells, the group also found a 40% reduction in the chance of module parts being bypassed, leading to an even lower chance of hotspots forming.

bestest hyundai solar panels

Shingled solar panel with reduced risk of micro-cracks

According to various static and dynamic mechanical loading tests, the shingled solar cell approach is more resistant to failure caused by external forces being applied to Hyundai solar panels when compared to conventional solar cells.

For example, while a conventional half-cut cell module has some micro-cracks and a slight power attenuation of around 1% when tested by an IEC standard 5,400Pa positive load, shingled solar cells by Hyundai energy solutions have no power attenuation and no micro-cracks after the same test.

the bestest hyundai solar panels

A unique appearance and improved performance in partial shading

Because shingled solar cells are linked in parallel, the shadowing effect will impact fewer cells in a module area. This translates into significant energy savings. This unique technology produces a beautiful and modern aesthetic for your home while producing efficient solar electricity.

Manufacturers are now developing more visually appealing shingled solar panels. Some businesses have created a distinctive all-black appearance for their panels by concealing the visible circuitry behind the overlapping cells, giving your home a sleeker profile.

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Choose the Leading CEC Accredited Solar Installer in the Solar Industry

Our team comprises industry experts and solar Installers / Engineers accredited by the Clean Energy Council (CEC). We’re compliant with all Australian solar standards and work to deliver the best possible results, regardless of your needs. Additionally, the CEC approved all panels and inverters we supply and use Mono Crystalline perc technology to maximise efficiency.

Get the Best Price for Hyundai Panels in the Australian Market

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Hyundai energy solutions?

Hyundai Energy Solutions produces and supplies world-class solar cells and modules through continuous investment in R&D and expansion of Hyundai green energy production facilities. We lead the solar energy industry by providing various Hyundai green energy solutions, such as floatovoltaics, agrivoltaics, Smart Solar City, etc.

How can you maintain your solar panel efficiency?

  • A Hyundai solar panel requires very little maintenance, especially on a tilt, as rain can wash away debris.
  • According to various solar panel review sites, you should generally perform solar panel cleaning between two and four times yearly.
  • A monitoring app can help you keep track of the amount of energy your solar power system produces. It might be time to clean your panels if you notice a dip in production.

Solar panel maintenance and cleaning are not covered under panel warranties in the Australian market, but if your solar panels are damaged, they will usually be covered.

What are the benefits of choosing Hyundai green energy?

At Hyundai, we believe in a sustainable future for the Australian market, where each person is empowered to make sustainable and cost-efficient choices through Hyundai green energy and cell technology.

What applications are Hyundai solar panels suitable for?

Hyundai produces a range of solar panels for residential, commercial and utility-scale applications designed for the Australian market.

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