Complaints Handling Policy

1. Policy

1.1 This policy is intended to ensure that Solar Galaxy Pty Ltd (“we”/“us”/“Solar Galaxy”) handle complaints effectively.

2. Definitions

2.1 For the purposes of this policy:
(a) Complaint means an expression of dissatisfaction made to or about us, relating to the quality of our products, services, customer service or handling of complaints. For example, a complaint may include, any dissatisfaction with a solar PV system or inverter we offered, with the sales process or sales representative, or with our complaints handling process;
(b) Accuser means any person, organisation or their representative making a complaint.

3. How to make a complaint

3.1 You may make a complaint:
3.1.1 By calling us on 1300 339 596;
3.1.2 By writing to us addressed to the “Complaints Handling Officer” by email to

4. Principles of objectivity

4.1 Your complaint will be handled without any discrimination equitable, impartial. Our aim is to resolve the complaint without assigning the blame.
4.2 We will stick with following principles when managing your complaint:
4.2.1 Impartiality – We will avoid any bias in dealing with your complainant, the person you complain about or Solar Galaxy.
4.2.2 Privacy – We will keep your information private as per Australian law.
4.2.3 Integrity – We will find out all of the facts in handling the complaint;
4.2.4 Accessibility – You may make your complaint at any fair point or time;
4.2.5 Equitability – We will give equal treatment to all people;

5. Three level model of complaint handling

5.1 Our complaint management system incorporates three levels of complaint management:
5.1.1 Level 1: Frontline complaint handling – early resolution
5.1.2 Level 2: Internal assessment, internal investigation, facilitated resolution or review.
5.1.3 Level 3: External assessment, investigation, ADR or review.
5.2 Our target is to resolve the majority of complaints at the first level, the frontline. At each level either the complainant or we can decide to step up the issue to a higher authority. However, there may be serious cases where either party can escalate the case to the highest level.
5.3 Level 1: Frontline complaint handling – early resolution
5.3.1 It is our aim to address the majority of complaints by frontline or early resolution.
5.4 Level 2: Internal assessment, internal inquiry, facilitated resolution or review.
5.4.1 The solemnity of some complaints will be escalated to the second level of complainant handling. Or if a complainant is dissatisfied with how their complaint was handled at Level 1, they can request that the complaint proceed to the second level. Internal assessment – The information which we have been provided by you will be evaluated to determine whether, and if so how, the complaint can be dealt with by Solar Galaxy. Such an assessment might consider such issues as- the nature and seriousness of the matters alleged; the complainant’s desired result; whether there is any appropriateness in taking the matter further; the competence of the information provided; the options available to address the complainant’s concerns; the appropriate level at which the matters alleged or complained about can be addressed by Solar Galaxy; Internally facilitated resolution – Where Solar Galaxy’s line manager talks with you to see if some form of mutually acceptable resolution can be found. Where appropriate, this process may include facilitating a discussion between the frontline staff member, line manager and the complainant. Internal investigation – Investigating allegations that raise significant issues for either Solar Galaxy or you. Depending on the circumstances, such investigations may be undertaken by an appropriate manager or an external advisor. Internal review – Administration or a senior executive may review the decision of the frontline staff member or the result of any internal assessment or investigation of the complaint. Appropriate senior authority should be given broad discretion to overturn previous decisions and apply remedies.
5.5 Level 3: External assessment, investigation, ADR or review
5.5.1 If we are unable to resolve your complaint at Level 1 and/or Level 2, or if you are not satisfied with the result that we have made at Level 1 and/or 2, then you may refer the matter as follows: Fair Trading or Consumer Affairs
If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint, you can refer the complaint to the relevant Fair Trading or Consumer Affairs office in your state or territory, as follows.

ACT: Access Canberra | Phone: 132281
NSW: Fair Trading | Phone: 13 32 20
NT: Consumer Affairs | Phone: 1800 019 319
Qld: Office of Fair Trading | Phone: 13 74 68
SA: Consumer and Business Services | Phone: 13 18 82
TAS: Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading | Phone: 1300 654 499
VIC: Consumer Affairs | Phone: 1300 558 181
WA: Consumer Protection | Phone: 1300 304 054
ACCC: Australian Competition & Consumer Commission | Phone: 1300 302 502 Court or Tribunal
If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint by Fair Trading or Consumer Affairs, you may approach the relevant Court or Tribunal in your State/Territory.

6. Complaints register

6.1.1 All complaints, and outcomes of each complaint will be logged in our complaints Register.

7. Keeping you informed

7.1.1 We will advise you as soon as possible of receipt of your complaint and the expected timeframe for resolution of that complaint.

8. How long will we take to deal with your complaint

8.1.1 We will acknowledge the receipt of your complaint on the same day and the expected time frame to solve the most complaints will be 7 days after the receipt of a complaint.
8.1.2 We will inform you if we need more time than 7 days to resolve your complaint and we will aim to complete any investigations within first 14 days of receipt of the complaint.
8.1.3 If we need more than 14 days to resolve a matter due to any circumstances, we will inform you of the progress and estimated time it may take to resolve the matter.
8.1.4 In all circumstances we will send you a final response to your complaint within 25 business days of receipt of your complaint unless we have mutually agreed to a further extension.

9. No cost

9.1.1 Making a complaint will be free of cost. However, if you are not satisfied with the result produced by either Solar Galaxy, and/or the result of the Fair Trading or Consumer Affairs body, and if you decide to pursue your complaint with your local Court or Tribunal, then you will have to pay the Court or Tribunal a filing fee.

10. Unreasonable conduct

10.1.1 Complaint conduct is likely to be unreasonable where it involves behaviour which, because of its nature or frequency, raises significant health, safety, resource or equity issues for Solar Galaxy or its staff. Examples include unreasonable persistence, unreasonable demands, unreasonable lack of cooperation, and unreasonable arguments and unreasonable behaviour.
10.1.2 We request that complainants always treat our staff with respect.

11. Acknowledgments

11.1.1 This policy has been drafted considering the Australian and New Zealand Standard Guidelines for complaint handling in organisations AS/NZS 10002:2022.