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If you’re looking to save money on electricity or reduce carbon emissions, a commercial solar system could be the solution for you. Discuss your needs with the solar specialists at Solar Galaxy and we’ll provide you with a complete assessment and quote for a commercial solar system. Our team will look at your business’ power usage, location, the sunlight you get, and more to design a system that will deliver the best possible results for years to come. Call us today for a comprehensive quote with ROI calculations and consultation.

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Solar Galaxy is committed to helping businesses in Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney get maximum value out of commercial solar solutions. We design and install commercial solar systems for businesses of all sizes, upto 100 kW STC systems and LGC systems. Our systems are tailored to your needs and goals for power use, helping you achieve lower emissions, electricity bills, and more. To achieve this, all our jobs start with a complete assessment of your property. Our technicians look at your power usage, location, how much sunlight your business gets, space available and more to design a system that meets your needs perfectly. Talk to our team today to learn more and get a quote for custom commercial solar Melbourne.

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Why Choose Solar Galaxy Commercial Solar Power Systems?

Solar Galaxy is one of Australia’s leading providers of commercial solar panel systems. We’ve helped thousands of businesses in Melbourne and throughout Australia, delivering comprehensive solar energy solutions of all sizes. With a team of experienced solar technicians and solar engineers accredited with the Clean Energy Council, we can deliver professional-grade results every single time. Contact us and let us provide you with a complete solar solution and solar installation in Melbourne for your business. We’ll help you make the most of solar power now and well into the future.

CEC Accredited Solar Installers

CEC Accredited Solar Installers and Engineers

Each one of our solar installers is accredited with the CEC, capable of delivering high-quality results. They have years of professional experience and the skills to ensure you’re getting the best possible solar system for your business.

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Best Price Guaranteed

Contact us today and let us provide you with a competitive quote for solar panel installation in Melbourne. We’re confident we can beat any other quote you’ve received and ensure you can make the most of your investment in solar.


High-Efficiency Solar Panels

We work exclusively with Mono Crystalline perc solar panels and inverter. These panels are highly-efficient and durable, ensuring all our clients get great results now and will continue to for the foreseeable future.


4 weeks Installation Guarantee

Looking for a solar panel service that can guarantee quick and efficient installation? Solar Galaxy offers a 4-week installation period from the date of purchase, so you can rest assured that your solar panels will be up and running in no time. We also offer comprehensive maintenance and repair services, so you can keep your solar panels in peak condition for years

Why Get a Commercial Solar System in Melbourne?

Commercial solar systems are a great way to reduce your electricity bills, lower your carbon emissions, and take the first step to a renewable energy future. While a full set of commercial solar panels with battery may or may not eliminate your power bills entirely, they will help you significantly reduce them and will very quickly return your investment. Additionally, a professionally installed system can give you comprehensive insights into how you use electricity in your business.

If you’re trying to establish whether a commercial solar system is worth investing in for your business, our team can help you decide. After a comprehensive assessment of your power usage, space available, location and more, we can provide you with a complete report that will show you exactly what you can expect from a commercial solar power system. If you have any questions, our team is available to provide answers.

Commercial Solar Panels Melbourne

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Get Started With Commercial Solar Systems Today

Discuss your commercial solar needs with our team today for more information on any of our services. We’re here to answer your questions and make sure you can get the best possible solar system for your budget. We’re one of the leading commercial solar installers in Australia, offering commercial systems at competitive prices. Call us today for a comprehensive free quote for commercial solar power.