Commercial Solar Adelaide

Solar Galaxy is the leading retailer of Ballarat Commercial Solar Adelaide. We Provide Smart Commercial Solar Systems for Businesses and Homes. We will continue to advance the commercial solar Adelaide business by popularising commercial solar panels and large-scale solar installations.

Our objective is to accelerate renewable energy development across the globe to benefit all mankind. By popularising renewable energy, we continue to propel the solar sector forward. Our goal is to expedite the global development of solar power for the benefit of all humanity.

High-Performance Commercial Solar Systems

We offer three high-performance commercial solar system sizes, 39.6KW, 66.6KW, and 100KW. All our systems use Mono-Crystalline Perc commercial solar panels, the most efficient panels currently available on the market. Installed correctly, they’re guaranteed to return your investment and provide you with a complete solar power solution.
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Our Commercial Solar Services

By developing cutting-edge products that showcase commercial solar systems’ full potential, we want to become the industry standard in solar installation. Whether you need a small residential solar array or a comprehensive commercial solar solution, we can build a solar system to meet your specific needs. A high-quality solar power system is one of the finest investments, which will give you the cheapest energy to keep your electricity bills low in South Australia.
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Commercial Solar Installation

Commercial solar power systems are excellent investments for Australian businesses, offering reduced electricity bills, offset carbon emissions and guaranteed return on investment. Solar Galaxy specialises in designing and installing commercial solar systems for properties with high power needs.

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Commercial Solar Planning

When you request a quote, our solar engineers will assess your power usage, the location and solar conditions of your property, and any other factors that could affect the efficiency of your system. Our solar engineers and CEC accredited installers will then work, planning your commercial solar design and supplying and installing the panels and inverters.

We aim to provide you with a system that can deliver excellent results for a minimum of 10 years and scale quickly in the future as you grow.

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Inverters & Batteries

We’re a new energy retailer for solar- and battery-powered households. Our smart technology links to your inverter and battery to maximise unused energy and provide real-time solar and battery systems monitoring. Please request a free quotation from our approved solar and battery providers.

Why Choose Solar Galaxy for Your Business Solar

We’ve devoted ourselves to making it as simple as easy as possible for you to get solar panels installed for your home or company. Call our team, and we’ll go through your requirements to present you with an exact price for a system. We analyse your energy data and determine if solar is possible in your scenario to guarantee that you can have an efficient solar installation for your house or company.

10+ Years of Industry Experience

We have over ten years of expertise in the Australian solar industry and a customer satisfaction record of 97% or higher. We believe in keeping our customers satisfied!

Industry Leading Technology

We provide top-notch industry-leading technology by using Mono Crystalline panels which are the best in terms of efficiency, making Australia a better place while using Green Energy!

10-Year Installation and Workmanship Warranty

Every product we offer is covered by a 10-year labour warranty and an installation warranty for your convenience. If there is an issue with your panels or the installation, you will not be charged any repair expenses.

Best Price Guaranteed

We can guarantee we have the best price compared with leading residential solar panel installers. We can even price match for you if you find a lower price on a system we offer.

Custom Fit Residential & Commercial Solar Power
Solutions for your Home and Office

CEC Accredited Solar Installers and Engineers

Our team comprises industry professionals, and Clean Energy Council accredited solar installers/engineers (CEC). We adhere to all Australian solar standards and strive to provide the most satisfactory outcomes possible, regardless of your requirements. Furthermore, all the panels and inverters we sell are CEC-approved and feature Mono Crystalline perc technology to maximise efficiency.
the bestest commercial solar adelaide
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of solar panels?

They are an amazing method to cut your energy expenditures while also mitigating your carbon impact.

Solar panel technology is getting more inexpensive all the time, and the return on investment is better than ever.

Solar panel installation helps prevent harmful greenhouse gas emissions, reducing global warming.

Solar panels emit no pollutants and are thus ecologically benign. They also lessen our reliance on scarce fossil fuels and traditional power sources. Solar Galaxy instals solar panels on both residential and business sites.

Are solar panels worth it?

Over the years, solar panels have become much more efficient as their technology has become more reliable and affordable, making them a good investment for many Australians. Solar panels can significantly reduce your electricity bills at your home or business.

Can solar panels power a house?

Yes, solar energy can power your complete house. With the sun giving the planet an incredible amount of energy virtually every hour, it stands to reason that solar energy may power a whole home.

Are solar panels expensive?

Solar Galaxy provides a “Lowest Price Guarantee” to all our clients to demonstrate our dedication to providing the lowest pricing.

Choose Solar Galaxy for Your Solar System

With solar panels becoming more efficient and government rebates making panels more affordable, there has never been a better time to get solar panel installation. Discuss your needs with our solar experts today if you’re considering solar power for your home or business. Get a Free Solar Consultation and all the information you need to decide. Call us today on 1300 339 596.