Commercial Projects Terms & Conditions

1. This agreement starts when you accept our offer set out in this quote, which you can do by accepting the offer over the phone or by sending us an email and signing, scanning, and sending the quote to our address by post or by email.
2. You will also be required to pay the 10% deposit amount to make your purchase final using the below bank details.

The Final 90% payment will be due 7 days before your scheduled installation date and payable via a Bank Transfer into a same bank account.

Bank Name: Commonwealth Bank
Acct Name: Solar Galaxy Pty Ltd
BSB: 062 271
AC N0: 1035 9918
Ref: Full Name/Quote Number

3. You warrant that you:
a) are at least 18 years of age; and
b) either a registered property owner or
c) you have been authorized by all registered owners to enter into this agreement;
d) have read and accepts to and acknowledge the provisions of this agreement.
4. Payment:
a) Payments under this agreement can be made by Cash, bank transfer, debit/credit card (2.3% Surcharge applies) or direct deposit.
b) Required deposit must be paid in full at the same time as you accept our offer; c) You must pay Solar Galaxy the balance on the installation day.
d) If you don’t pay us in full on the day of your installation, then we have a right to file a legal case against you after a couple of reminders, claiming the outstanding amount, Admin fees, legal costs, and penalty interest on the outstanding amount. You cannot hold our payment if your Electricity retailer is taking time to making necessary metering changes as per NSW SIR, grid voltage needs to be changed by your DNSP or your inverter’s WIFI Monitoring is not working.
5. Prices mentioned are applicable for a standard install unless otherwise written in the quote.

Specifications for a standard install are:

– Single storey property with a pitched roof
– Tin or Tile roof with screws
– No switchboard upgrades have been included in our cost
– Have clear, unhindered vehicle access for our installers.
– Must be a completed and not under construction with wiring/power supply complying with current electrical standards. Have a suitable location for the inverter.
– If Inverter or battery location is exposed or is in the open, a weatherproof cover may be required and will be at an extra cost.
– Inverter or battery location is wall mounted next to meter box and the meter box should be up to date as per following specifications:
– Fibre fire-proof backboard.
– The casing should be made from metal and not wood/chipboard.
– No loose wires and they should be neatly tucked.
– No old ceramic switches – only circuit breaker switches.
– Enough space should be available to install isolation switches.
– Connecting DB/MSB should be up to current DNSP Standards, AS3000 and AS61439

6. Travel Charges apply if your property is outside the metro area of the respective capital city of your state.
7. The advertised price is only valid for the Standard Tin/Tile roof (Flat roof and Klip-lok roof not included) & single storey house only. Extra charges will be applicable for Terracotta Tiles, Klip-lok, Tilts and multi-storey.
8. Customer to make sure that their property’s roof is structurally strong to take the load of solar.
9. The advertised price is applicable if the solar system purchased is eligible as per the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme and you agree to assign the rights of the STCs to Solar Galaxy Pty Ltd.
10. The price advertised is not applicable if you require finance or interest free payments.
11. The Goods remain Solar Galaxy’s property until the purchase price is paid in full. Until you pay the full purchase price, you will be the custodian of the goods. 48 hours’ notice will be given by Solar Galaxy to you for the return the goods or making a full payment before we start legal proceedings.
12. No warranties are applicable until your system is paid in full.

See website for Full Terms & Conditions.

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