Solar energy is the richest and most abundant renewable energy source available in the world. Going to Solar is a big investment but the advantages of solar power are best visible in the long-term. The longer you have your solar power system, the more you enjoy the benefits of solar and support the environment.


Advantages of Solar Energy

    1. Reduce your Power Bills:

Solar energy extremely reduces your power bill by producing free power for your home or business, As electricity prices are periodically going up and good government rebates still available, It is a better time to install Solar. Here at Solargalaxy we work with your unique wants and needs to ensure solar system which meets your budget and Maximise your savings


     2. Generate Your Own Electricity:

If you have Solar Panels on your roof, you can make use of this power and generate electricity that you can use in your home. The surplus power is transferred into the grid and depending upon the utility grid you will be credited for the power you provide.


    3. Improve the Environment:

Installing PV systems on your roof is not only an investment, It is the most effective step you can take towards reducing your carbon footprint. Start it on your home today and support the environment.


    4. Not so expensive:

The cost of solar power system has been fallen down dramatically when compared to last ten years. Plus, Federal Government’s Solar Credits Scheme provides thousands of dollars towards purchasing and installing solar system. In addition, state based Feed-In Tariff Schemes pay you for the surplus amount of electricty generated by Pv Panels The best part is that Solar Galaxy has a range of solar energy systems available to suit almost any budget. Contact our experts to know which is best for you.


    5. Increases Your Home Value:

Home equipped with solar energy systems have higher property value and sell quickly than the homes with non-solar. Install Solar to your homes now and increase your property value. Solar Energy systems are durable. Solar Panels are very simple to maintain. Because they have no moving parts, having the system break down is incredibly rare. Any how we at Solar Galaxy offers 25-year solar panels warranty, plus five-year workmanship warranty..


Is It The Right Time To Go Solar?

Yes, Going to solar is a good decision and now it is a right time The win of Liberal Party in New South Wales on 23rd March elections will be a huge benefit for the people who are looking for solar power in NSW.

Liberal Party Empowering Homes Program offer interest-free loans for solar batteries or combined solar PV and battery systems. The offer will be soon applicable to residents of NSW. No Interest loans will be up to $9,000 per battery system and up to $14,000 per combined solar and battery system.

The program will be available up to 300,000 households over 10 years. Over 400,000 households and small businesses in NSW already have solar panels and this program will be helpful for uptake of battery storage.


Eligibility :      NSW applicants will need to be Home owner-occupiers and have a combined household income of $180,000 or less per Annum. The Liberal party has stated that only approved accredited installers will be able to participate in the program. Suppliers and partners will be selected through a tender process and the initiative will also be utilised to encourage battery manufacturing in NSW.