90kW Solar System

Switch to clean renewable solar energy by investing in a 90kW solar system for your commercial property. Get a comprehensive quote from Solar Galaxy today. With 244 x 370W Panels and 2 x 30 kW + 1 x 10 kW Inverters with WiFi monitoring capability, your 90kW solar system will help operations with significant reductions to your power bills. Enjoy long-term savings and a sustainable source of electricity rather than government generated power for your business.

When it comes to businesses of larger scale with higher energy needs, you can enjoy subsidised renewable solar for your personal consumption with the STC rebate scheme. Improve cash flow and lower overhead costs by saving money on expensive energy bills and gaining long-term returns from solar power. You won’t only find improvements on the financial front as you’ll be able to avoid expensive electricity tariff rate rises, but boost your business’ environmental profile. Solar Galaxy is your leading supplier and service provider for commercial solar systems. Discuss your needs with a member of our team to get a quote on your 90kW solar system today.

The Benefits Of A 90kW Solar System For Your Business

A 90kW solar system can easily accommodate the electrical needs of larger-scale commercial properties and public sectors. This includes schools, hotels, farmhouses, offices, restaurants, shopping centres and more. In Melbourne, a 90kW solar system is expected to generate an average amount of 118,269kWh annually. This figure takes into account the presence and absence of shade. Therefore, should you be a commercial or industrial customer who uses between 300kWhs and 400kWhs daily then a 90kW solar system will be a great choice to help reduce power bill costs.

90kw solar system
90kw solar

Invest In A High-Quality 90kW Solar System Today

It is important to consider the fact that a commercial solar system is a lifetime investment for your business. This means choosing the cheapest by default won’t be the best alternative. You need a robust system that will give you lasting performance. As such, a solar system with only 5-10-year warranty will underperform and won’t meet the expected standard of your ROI or solar results. With Solar Galaxy, you can enjoy solar products with a warranty of 25-30 years. Boost the energy efficiency of your commercial property by investing in solar energy today. 

Choose Solar Galaxy For Your Solar System Installation

At Solar Galaxy, we offer a comprehensive quote for your 90kW solar system and its professional installation. We provide an end-to-end service when it comes to your solar panels and inverters, helping you ergonomically mount your system on your roof space. From orientation, tilt, angle, and more we can easily outfit your property and provide you a detailed breakdown of your costs, system output and any warranties. This way, you can optimise your personal electrical consumption to gain maximum returns on your solar. With an accurate projection of your annual savings and handling of any documentation, we can help you plan out your savings goals, minimise overheads and improve cash flow. Take advantage of net metering, business solar feed-in tariffs rate and avoid rising electricity costs by generating your own power sustainably. Furthermore, we also provide ongoing service and maintenance care for your solar system’s longevity and best performance. Discuss your needs with our team and get a quote today.