75kW Solar System

Make the switch to clean renewable energy and improve your business with a 75kW solar system. Get a quote for your installation with Solar Galaxy today. Our 75kW solar system is made up of 202 x 370W Panels and 2 x 30 kW Inverters with WiFi monitoring capability. If you are a commercial or industrial customer who uses between 300kWhs and 320kWhs per day, then a 75kW solar system will be a good choice to reduce your power bill costs. Turn to a sustainable source for your electricity to slash your billing costs and dramatically boost your profits in the long term.

Solar Galaxy offers an end-to-end service for your solar system, from installation to ongoing maintenance and performance checks to keep it in top condition. This includes regular cleaning and tests for deterioration so you can enjoy lasting quality for your components. Get a comprehensive quote for your 75kW solar system with Solar Galaxy today.

How Your Business Can Benefit From A 75kW Solar System

While the price of a 75kW system will vary city to city, in principle a good solar system will be a lifetime investment for your business. This will depend on the rate you pay for electricity, the rates of tariffs you receive from your energy provider and the amount you self-consume. On the higher end of the market range, you’ll be looking at premium European inverters and tier 1 panels for maximum efficiency.

Nevertheless, the average payback period of such an arrangement will be roughly 3-5 years. Of course this will depend on your electricity tariffs, personal electrical consumption and the quality of your system components. You’ll be able to generate long-term returns as 75kW solar systems qualify for the STC rebates under the federal government Small Scale Renewable Energy Scheme. This incentivises business owners to turn to solar energy as they’ll be supported with an upfront reduction in the cost of investing in a solar system under 100kW.

75kw solar system
75kw solar

Gain Long-Term Savings With Solar Galaxy’s 75kW Solar System

Classified as commercial or industrial rank, 75kW solar systems, 90kW and 100kW are mostly suitable for larger businesses with high energy needs. As a result, they can easily accommodate restaurants, malls, or guest houses. Their power generation capacity can also cater to large-scale institutes such as farm houses, schools, shops, petrol pumps, hotels, industrial environments, and more. Optimise your personal electrical consumption and eliminate billing costs for your business. You’ll be able to improve your company’s environmental profile while generating long-term savings and boost profits with significant reductions in your operational costs.

Get A Quote For Your Installation With Solar Galaxy Today

You may be tempted to go for the cheapest solar products on the market. But consider that it won’t be the best choice as you need lasting performance and quality from your solar panels. Choose Solar Galaxy, our systems have an expected life span of 25-30 years. Don’t risk your hard earned money on solar products with short-term warranty when we can support your system’s longevity. Any unforeseen issues with the system’s hardware can be costly and ultimately drive down any longer-term financial benefits you hope to achieve. Therefore, it’s important to find the most effective solution for your solar power while addressing the needs of your system so it may continue to work at its best.

Solar Galaxy can supply, install and maintain your commercial 75kW solar system. We provide ongoing maintenance, safety inspections and performance checks to ensure your system’s highest working quality. Contact our team today to discuss the needs of your business. We can help you reach your long-term savings goals, lower overhead costs and improve your cash flow.