7.7kW Solar System

While a 7.5kW solar system may be the most common throughout Australia, a 7.7kW isn’t much of a stretch and is reliably made to support larger housing and commercial businesses. A 7.7kW solar system is designed to cater to higher power demand, allowing solar to power offices, commercial shops and even factories independently. This means these businesses won’t need to depend on government electricity, being able to generate their own power through solar. To install a 7.7kW solar system, your property’s roof requires a minimum of 750sq feet installation space. From high-quality solar panels to battery storage, Solar Galaxy can help you navigate choosing the right solar system for your home or business.

How Much Power Does A 7.7kW Solar System Generate

Typically, a 7.7kW solar system can generate 50kWh/units a day using sun power, while batteries help run it at night. Your system can store up to 18,000 watts of electrical power and 35 units generated daily. In Melbourne, on average a 7.7kW solar system is expected to produce an estimated amount of 9,855kWh each year. This number has taken into account cloudy days with heavy shade, rainy days and other conditions.

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How Much Should A 7.7kW Solar System Cost

The pricing range for a 7.7kW solar system will vary depending on the business you buy it from. It may also vary due to logistics and taxes associated from city to city. To give you a perspective on the average retail price for a 7.7kW solar system, the benchmark falls between $8,600 (on the lower end) to $13,100 (on the higher end i.e. tier 1 solar panels and a German inverter). Good quality 7.7kW solar range systems will lean towards the higher end price. And while cheaper systems are available, they may not deliver the results you’re after. As a rule of thumb, staying within this price bracket will ensure you’re purchasing a higher quality system that will perform well over time. It’s also important to consider that higher quality systems will come with a full warranty support, which is a good safety measure in the unlikely breakdown of your system.

Furthermore, your solar system’s output varies with geographic location and climate, orientation and pitch of your solar panels, and roof shading. Solar Galaxy will position your panels for maximum efficiency so you can generate as much power as possible. But this is also highly dependent on the quality of your panels and inverter. Higher quality solar systems perform better in high temperatures and deliver more stable results long term. It’s why you shouldn’t cut corners when purchasing your solar system as it is a long-term investment. It’s worth it to invest in the highest quality system you can afford.

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Savings and ROI On A 7.7kW Solar System

A return on investment is expected in 5 years with a 7.7kW solar system, or in less time depending on your personal consumption. How much you can get back from your system depends on the amount of solar energy you use up and how much you export back to the grid. The higher the quality of your system, the higher your savings are likely to be.

As it stands, the power your solar system generates is more valuable when consumed than when exported back to the grid. Therefore, using as much of the power your system generates whenever possible will help you see a faster return on your investment. For more information on 7.7kW solar systems, your solar panels and inverter, discuss your needs with Solar Galaxy today. Our team can provide you with a comprehensive quote and professional installation of your solar system.

7.7kW Solar System Residential and Commercial Use

A 7.7kW solar system is able to cater to a wide variety of applications. It’s capable of providing power for residential and commercial use easily. In fact, it’s classified as a commercial grade solar system. It’s well suited to generate power for large households with reverse cycle air-conditioning, a pool and an electricity budget of over $500 per cycle. If you’re a commercial customer who uses between 28.7kWh and 45.3kWh, a 7.7kW solar system is a great choice to help you reduce costs from higher power bills.

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Why Turn To Solar Power

The costs of living and electricity have seen a dramatic rise, a trend that will only continue. Australian families and local businesses are facing heavy strain from these expenses. Solar has become a prime alternative to reduce energy costs and maximise savings. A clean, renewable source of energy that’s reliable over long-term use and allows for sustainable living, it’s the perfect way to manage your finances while getting the power you need.

To get the most out of your investment, rely on Solar Galaxy. We have the experience to advise you on choosing a system that suits your needs perfectly and to professionally install your solar panels. Affordable and robust, a 7.7kW solar system is popular among households with above average electricity consumption and a wide variety of commercial spaces. Get the best deal on a custom 7.7kW solar system with Solar Galaxy today. Discuss your needs with a friendly member of our team and get your competitive quote.

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