30kW Solar System

If your business wants to eliminate electrical costs and gain long-term savings, there’s no better way than investing in a 30kW solar system. Get a quote with Solar Galaxy today. With 82 x 370W Panels and 1 x 25 kW Inverter with WiFi monitoring capability, you’ll be able to optimise your solar use and improve cash flow for your business. Solar Galaxy can mount your 30kW solar system, installing your panels and inverter optimally on your roof space. We provide an accurate projection of annual savings, helping you organise your solar use. This includes a breakdown of overall solar system costs and any incidental expenses, detailed explanation of solar product warranties, and your system output data (amount of energy per day, month, year). Additionally, we’re able to handle all permits, approval of necessary documentation to install and commission your commercial solar system. Convenient, reliable and cost-effective, commission your 30kW solar system with Solar Galaxy today. Speak to a friendly member of our team to discuss the needs and goals of your business.

How A 30kW Solar System Will Help Your Business

A 30kW solar system can easily power the needs of your operations while helping you minimise routine expenses from government generated electricity. With solar power you can save money on expensive energy bills, lower overhead costs and improve cash flow. Using free solar power will help business owners avoid expensive electricity tariff rises while being able to take advantage of the government solar incentive and rebate (STC) scheme. You can optimise net metering and business solar feed-in tariff rate. Furthermore, you can become a sustainable business practice as you use renewable and clean energy. In turn, this will improve the environmental profile of your company while boosting energy-efficiency for your business premises to encourage real results.

30kw solar system
30kw solar

Choose Solar Galaxy For Your 30kW Solar System Installation

When considering a 30kW solar system, you need to consider the quality and longevity of all components proposed for the system. Remember that cheapest is not the best option as choosing a system with 5-10 years warranty won’t give you the returns or long-term performance you expect. A good solar system should last you twenty years. Moreover, problem-solving and troubleshooting cheap products and components over several years can quickly add extra expense to the initial cheap costs. Solar Galaxy offers an end-to-end service for your solar panels and inverter. Post-installation, we provide system monitoring to track performance parameters. We also offer service and maintenance agreements to ensure the longevity of your commercial solar system. Accountable, robust and durable, you can enjoy full control of the solar power production process. You’ll be able to optimise self-consumption for the best results and ROI for your business.

Get A Quote With Experts From Solar Galaxy Today

To know whether a 30kW solar system is the right one for your commercial property, we can help you determine your average daily consumption of electricity. Typically, a 30kW solar system generates 100 – 130 units per day.  You also require roughly 150-200sqm of roof space for installation. We can inspect your solar system performance to ensure you’re getting the maximum amount of returns suited to your electricity usage habits. Enjoy long-term savings for your business by investing in solar today. Call Solar Galaxy to get your comprehensive quote.