25kW Solar System

Does your business consume more energy during the day? You can benefit tremendously from a solar system installation. Get in touch with experts from Solar Galaxy today. Our team can provide you with a comprehensive quote on your 25kW solar system and professionally install it. Is your business operating in the manufacturing, retail, or education sectors? Or perhaps you are a wholesale supplier or operate a warehousing and distribution business? If you’re in the commercial sector and hoping to boost savings to maximise growth, a commercial solar power installation is a worthwhile lifetime investment.

Why Use A 25kW Solar System For Your Business

Solar Galaxy wants to help business owners control electricity costs better. With energy prices continuing to rise every year, businesses in Australia can counter electricity tariff rate rises by investing in solar power. If you’d like to invest in critical aspects of your business to grow it, solar will greatly improve your liquidity and cash flow. Saving on costly energy bills will give you the opportunity to spend more money on other more profitable avenues. Additionally, with attractive federal and state solar STC incentives available, there’s no better time to switch to renewable solar electricity. This will in turn allow your business to grow faster and easier. With a cleaner energy source, expect your operation to be more economical, renewable, and environmentally low-impact. Solar power will give your business remarkable advantage in comparison to traditional fossil fuel, being an affordable, sustainable energy source with lasting returns.

25kw solar system

Gain Real Savings For Your Business With A 25kW Solar System

Your business won’t only save money on expensive energy bills, lower overhead costs and improve cash flow but benefit from long-term savings. Available in tin, tile and clip-lock varieties, your solar system’s mount design is lightweight and easy to install. They’re low maintenance and highly efficient as they only have few moving parts. You’ll be able to maintain your 25kW solar system with minimal maintenance. Enjoy 25-30 years of operation for your system. Typically, solar inverters are the one component to expect replacement after 10-15 years of use. Your panels need routine cleaning twice a year if they are installed flat on your roof. This may vary depending on weather conditions and other factors. More importantly, a site inspection needs to be conducted every 5 years. A qualified installer needs to inspect your solar panels for damage and ensure the integrity of electrical connection remains up to par.

25kw solar

Why Choose Solar Galaxy’s 25kW Solar System

Our commercial 25kW solar system is made up of 70 x 370w Panels and a 1 x 20 kW Inverter with WiFi monitoring capability. Generally, a 25kW solar kit requires up to 1,650 square feet of space. Assuming you’ll be getting at least 5 sun hours per day with the solar array facing the South, you’ll have an estimated amount of 3,200kWh of alternating current per month. And while it is possible to buy cheap 25kW solar systems and other solar products on the market, the cheapest is not the best option. When investing in a long-term solar PV solution, aim for a solar power system that will last you 25 years or more to earn your money’s worth. For instance, a cheap system with only 12 months of warranty won’t perform to lasting standards. With Solar Galaxy, you’ll have peace of mind as we offer high quality and high-efficiency solar panels and inverters for better results. Achieving optimal savings depends on quality, so never cut costs when it comes to a lifetime investment like solar. Our most popular Solar System are: 6 6kW, 7 7kW30kW19 24kW13 32kW, 90kW, 100kW.

Consult Solar Galaxy For Your 25kW Solar System Today

Solar Galaxy can help you gain an accurate projection of your annual savings when you choose our residential 25kW solar system, . We can help your business determine a clear breakdown of overall solar system costs and any incremental expenses, giving you a fair, comprehensive quote. With a detailed explanation of solar product warranties and system output data (energy per day, month, year), you can confidently operate, monitor and optimise your solar power usage. We not only install your solar panels, but provide the technical support you need to make sure everything is working properly and stays in perfect shape. Rely on us to provide system monitoring to track your solar performance. We also offer servicing and maintenance work to ensure the longevity of your commercial solar system. Gain full control over your business’ solar power management so you can optimise your property’s self-consumption for the best results and ROI.