20kW Solar System

Install a 20kW solar system with the leading solar supplier for Australian homeowners and local businesses. Get your quote today with Solar Galaxy. Increase your savings exponentially by making this cost-saving investment for your property in the long term. A 20kW commercial solar PV system is ideal for businesses with low to medium energy usage. Should you have sufficient roof space, a 20kW solar system can also be outfitted into larger residential homes to effectively boost savings while meeting their power needs. If you’ve got a pool, home automation and accrue a high electricity budget regularly, then it is a great way to live sustainably with a renewable energy source. Speak to a member of our team today to discuss the needs of your property.

20kW Solar Systems For Residential and Commercial Use

A 20kW solar system can suit commercial applications well. It can easily power businesses with low to medium energy usage. Assuming your property receives at least 5 sun hours per day with the solar panels facing the South, your 20kW solar system can produce 2000 to 3000kWh of alternating current power monthly. On average, a 20kW solar system generates 80 to 90 units per day. Additionally, a 20kW solar system will generally require at least roughly 100-136m2 of roof space. This may also vary depending on the wattage of the individual panels and if they require tilt frames.

20kw solar system
20kw solar

How Much Power Does A 20kW Solar System Generate

In Melbourne’s average climate, a 20kW solar system roughly produces 62-72kWh daily. Its output may also vary due to the following variables:
Operating temperature of the panels
Performance quality of individual components i.e. the panels and inverter
Any shade cast

Orientation and tilt angle of the solar panel mount

Geographical location of the system and expected daily and annual sunlight and clouding
It’s why it’s important not to shirk on costs when you buy a solar system. It is a lifetime investment that will greatly improve your expenditure in the long run.

Your Average Payback Period On A 20kW Solar System

A 20 kW solar system is made up of 56 x 370W Panels and 1 x 20 KW Inverter with WiFi monitoring capability. You can begin to maximise your return on investment. The price of your PV system will depend on the brands you select for your components. Great for businesses and organisations on the small to medium side, a 20kW solar system is best suited for commercial applications and deluxe residential units. A good quality 20kW system will deliver a full return on investment within 3 to 5 years, and you can begin earning savings immediately when you generate power from your solar.

20kw solar system

Generate Real Savings With A 20kW Solar System

Of course, the precise amount will vary depending on your personal electrical consumption. While this system is geared towards commercial clients due to its size as a generation unit, it is also well suited to residential clients with consistently high power usage patterns. Solar Galaxy can advise you on a solar system best suited to your property’s electrical needs. Our site specific solar performance advice can point you to the perfect solar PV system to match your average daily consumption of electricity. We can also ensure you can upsize whenever needed to comfortably accommodate any increase in daily consumption. Get a quote on your 20kW solar system with Solar Galaxy today. We can install your solar panels in as quickly as 4-8 weeks on residential properties.