19.24kW Solar System

With solar prices decreasing and panels becoming more efficient, you can get far more for your money’s worth than what was once possible. Solar Galaxy has been providing solar solutions for various residential or commercial properties throughout Melbourne and Sydney Metro. Get a quote for your 19.24kW solar system today. Solar Galaxy is the leading solar supplier and installer in your area. We use high-efficiency Mono Crystalline panels, ensuring you get the best results and maximum returns on your investment. Many of our customers’ panels pay for themselves in as quickly as 3-5 years, reducing their billing costs exponentially long-term. Boost your savings starting now by investing in a solar system tailored to your property’s electrical needs.

Suitable Applications For A 19.24kW Solar System

A 19.24 kW solar system is made up of 52 x 370W panels and 1 x 15 kW Inverter with WiFi monitoring capability. You can have a mount solar system kit either in clip lock, tile or tin. Lightweight and easy to install, we can outfit your 19.24 solar system on your roof space in as quickly as 4-8 weeks on residential properties. A 19.24kW solar system can easily power large residential homes with higher billing requirements and commercial buildings. Get your quote with Solar Galaxy today. We can help design and install a solar system that works out perfectly tailored to your electrical use. Furthermore, we never leave our customers without the technical support they need. We can assist completely throughout your quote process to the finished installation, ensuring you have the knowledge to operate and monitor your property’s newly integrated solar system.

19 24kw solar system

Why Choose Solar Galaxy For Your Home Or Business

Solar Galaxy can help you find out your average daily consumption of electricity, customising a solar system to fit your needs exactly. We can determine the size and power you need for your solar system to properly and significantly reduce your billings, giving you the best possible fit. We will ensure your system would on average generate a similar amount of energy respective to what you are using daily and also allow you to comfortably increase your daily consumption if needed. We’ll help you maximise the returns from your 19.24kW solar system. We recommend auditing your current electrical usage habits. By identifying the appliances and activities which consumes the most power, we can help you implement an action plan that will most benefit from your solar system’s daylight hours to boost savings.

19 24kw solar

Consult With Experts For Your 19.24kW Solar System Today

Meet your power needs and live more sustainably with renewable solar energy for your home or business. To maximise real savings on your roof’s 19.24kW solar system, the results will be contingent on how effectively you personally use the power generated by your system. This also ties into the feed-in tariff agreement you have in place with your electricity retailer. In principle, it’s much more cost-saving to use the solar-generated by your system rather than exporting excess unused solar back to the grid. Solar Galaxy can examine your site-specific solar performance to give you an amazing offer that will clearly and significantly boost your power savings. Got a property in need of a better, more affordable power source in the long term? Whether you’ve got a commercial build or a residential home, investing in solar power with Solar Galaxy will help you reduce costs for years to come.